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Insurance company meets compliance requirements to implement secure 2FA while offering frictionless access for licensed insurance professionals.



Using keystroke dynamics to achieve PSD2 SCA compliance is a great solution. This whitepaper provides an overview of why that is and helps clarify three myths that can pose challenges along the way.

To comply with the latest regulations, financial institutions must apply a second layer of authentication. This whitepaper introduces typing biometrics authentication, for a great balance between security and user-experience.

Together with our partner Optimal IdM we developed this whitepaper as a framework for organisations who are looking to choose the right MFA method. Typing biometrics provides a frictionless additional factor of authentication.

TypingDNA’s Authenticator uses revolutionary AI to replace traditional 2FA with typing pattern authentication. This whitepaper explains the technicalities behind how the authenticator works in your browser.

Deploy student identity validation with keystroke dynamics to maintain the integrity of your assessments and protect the reputation of your institution in a privacy-friendly way.

One pagers

Typing biometrics as a passive inherence-based SCA

Strong Customer Authentication is one of the main points to be addressed under PSD2. However, adding authentication factors most often comes at the expense of the user experience. Our solution provides a great alternative. Here is an overview.

Improving the students' validation process

eLearning providers have to meet a range of criteria imposed by regulatory bodies. When it comes to participant validation, employing typing biometrics renders robust authentication without impacting the student experience.

User-friendly authentication for online payments.

The infographic presents key statistics on the impact of cybercrime on the growth of the banking and finance industry, and introduces the idea that user-friendly authentication can be applied to prevent fraud and reduce customer churn.

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