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PSD2 regulation for better security

The latest PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) enforces Strong Customer Authentication, which requires 2FA and other high-security measures.

The regulation states a mandatory utilization of 2 out of 3 independent authentication factors such as: knowledge, possession and inherence. The European Banking Authority approved keystroke dynamics (also known as typing biometrics) as an inherence-based authentication factor.


How does keystroke dynamics authentication work?

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TypingDNA’s user-centric solution

Great user experience

Our keystroke dynamics solution is an in-band, inherent authentication method that does not require additional actions from the user.

User drop off avoidance

Seamless authentication with keystroke dynamics offers a better, intuitive banking experience avoiding customer drop off.

User acceptance

Studies show that elderly users have difficulties accepting authentication with biometrics factors such a face ID or iris scans while millennials prefer typing over voice calls.


Seamless authentication compliant with SCA’s recommendations.

With TypingDNA organizations can:

  • Deploy compulsory 2FA in legacy apps
  • Avoid token maintenance
  • Easily implement and scale based on their product needs

Who’s impacted?

  • Payment Services Providers PSP
  • Account Information Service Provider (AISP)
  • Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP)

Keystroke dynamics by TypingDNA: SCA - compliant solution, easy on your users, easy on you.

The most innovative financial institutions protecting millions of users trust TypingDNA.