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EBA-approved keystroke dynamics for 3-D Secure authentication

Card issuers and payment services providers can deploy keystroke dynamics authentication within the 3-D Secure protocol to comply with PSD2's requirements for SCA.

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PSD2-compliance deadline

The European Banking Authority set the new deadline for SCA compliance to Dec. 31, 2020. Latest update: As of March 25, 2020, EBA has removed NCA’s “obligation to report by 31 March 2020 their readiness to meet the strong customer authentication requirements for e-commerce card-based transactions”.

However, “all other requirements set out in the opinion remain unchanged”. With proprietary keystroke dynamics, you can be SCA-ready in less than a month.


What are companies expected to do?

The PSD2's requirement for SCA can seem daunting for businesses—especially when it comes to online payments.

With a quarter of online customers abandoning their shopping carts due to complicated checkout processes, PSPs bear the responsibility to streamline the 3-D Secure authentication process in a user-friendly way.


SCA – a challenge for PSPs

Before anything else, PSPs and card issuers must tackle the downsides that come with traditional SCA methods, like false positives and poor user experience, including device switching and inaccessibility.

Strong customer authentication with keystroke dynamics provides a behavioral-based additional layer of security without hurting the customer experience.


EBA-compliant authentication factors

Pair inherence-based elements such as behavioral biometrics with your current 3-D Secure SCA factors to comply with PSD2 and to offer your customers frictionless security without negatively impacting their shopping experience.

Here are some of EBA's approved elements for SCA that can be used in various combinations tailored to your customers' needs:


What is keystroke dynamics?

Keystroke dynamics, also known as typing biometrics, is a behavioral element of authentication that recognizes people based on their user-device interactions and the way they type on their keyboards.


Benefits of keystroke dynamics for 3-D Secure SCA

Great user experience

PSPs can prevent customer churn and reduce cart abandonment rates
Leverage typing biometrics for passive authentication and frictionless payments

EBA Compliance

The European Banking Authority has approved keystroke dynamics as an inherence-based element of SCA, compliant with PSD2. Read more

Quick integration

RESTful API-based typing biometrics is easy to implement and can be live in weeks—not months. Read our API documentation


Future-proof: Keystroke dynamics and 3-D Secure 2.2

Merchants can provide decoupled authentication on their websites for seamless transactions and better user experiences.

Typing biometrics can be deployed as an authentication factor anywhere users type on a merchant's website or app (during login or checkout on form fills, like shipping address or card details).

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