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At TypingDNA, we authenticate people by how they type. Our mission is to improve security without compromising user convenience with our suite of Continuous Authentication and 2FA products.

Our patented typing biometric technology shines at being the most accessible authentication technology on the market and works with any keyboard, on any device, runs passively behind the scenes, and begins identifying intruders with only one previous typing sample.


TypingDNA is a cybersecurity SaaS, with offices in πŸ“ New York, USA and πŸ“ Romania, EU. We use typing biometrics authentication as a service with 3 core security products: ActiveLock continuous authentication, Verify 2FA and Authentication API. And currently, we're exploring future use cases of this technology with TypingDNA Focus.

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Raul Popa

CEO, Data scientist

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Cristian Tamas


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Adrian Gheara

Operations advisor

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Stefan Endres


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Dorli Craciun-Pelle

Financial & operations director

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Alex Iosif

Sales director

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Raluca Gavanescu

Sales development representative

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Cosmin Chiriac

Project manager

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Laura Tamas

Software developer

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Dan Noane

Software developer

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Paul Ardelean

Software developer

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Daniel Mate

Software developer

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Vlad Tamas

Software developer

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Alexandru Ivan


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Alexandra Moloiu

Data scientist

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Flavia Sana

Head of Design

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Rita Miklos

Graphic designer

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Razvan Furdui

Legal counsel

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Anca Budure

Assistant manager

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Madalina Burci

Developer ambassador

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Andrei Avadanei

Cyber security advisor

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Carmen Sebe

Business advisor

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Kevin O'Brien


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Latest news

  • Mentioned in Gartner Research, "You, Too, Can Start Enjoying the Benefits of Passwordless Authentication Today," as a behavioral biometrics solution. β€” November 2022

    Gartner research mention November 2022
  • New log aggregation options for ActiveLock. Easier monitoring across devices. Choose your tool, cloud, or built-in options with platforms like Datadog, Grafana, and Splunk. β€” October 2022

  • Partnered with WSO2 to bring adaptive authentication to companies, allowing customer and workforce identity validation without phone use. β€” August 2022

    WSO partnership August 2022
  • Mentioned in Gartner Research, "Improve Customer Identity Corroboration With Passive Behavioral Biometrics," as a representative behavioral biometrics vendor. β€” June 2022

  • Mentioned in Gartner Research β€œInnovation Insight for Biometric Authentication.” β€” April 2022

  • Expert Insights names TypingDNA as the winner across 3 Cybersecurity categories: Best of Zero Trust Security, Best of Multi-Factor Authentication, and Best of Biometric Authentication β€” April 2022

    Expert insights awards spring 2022
  • Launched TypingDNA ActiveLock: endpoint security that blocks unauthorized users from accessing company computers. β€” January 2022

    ActiveLock add image
  • Expert Insights award TypingDNA Best of Multi-Factor Authentication β€” October 2021

  • Won product of the day on Product Hunt β€” July, 2021

    TypingDNA Focus - The first app to predict your mood based on how you type | Product Hunt
  • Launched TypingDNA Focus: the first app to predict your mood based on how you type β€” July, 2021

    Focus App
  • TypingDNA is listed among the 2021 CyberTech100 pioneering companies recognized for helping financial institutions combat cyber threats and fraud. β€” June 2021

  • TypingDNA Focus, our experimental product soon to be launched, was awarded Best Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Product by Developer Week Europe. β€” April 2021

  • Launched TypingDNA Verify 2FA, a smarter 2FA method that replaces SMS codes, improving UX and reducing costs by order of magnitude. β€” March 2021

    TypingDNA Verify 2FA launch
  • Started the research phase for TypingDNA Focus, a unique app to help users understand their state of mind and leverage data for better focus and improved productivity. β€” December 2020

  • Launched a free, unlimited Developer plan and a new one-call API for simple typing biometrics integration. β€” November 2020

  • Organized the first TypingDNA Hackathon, which gathered more than 600 participants and 28 typing biometrics-based projects. β€” October 2020

  • PayTechAwards, a FinTech Futures initiative, named TypingDNA "Best Smart Payments Solution." β€” September 2020

  • TypingDNA's typing biometrics authentication is now integrated with the ForgeRock Identity Platform for user-friendly and secure customer and workforce experiences. β€” August 2020

    ForgeRock identity platform
  • TypingDNA is delivering its typing biometrics solution for Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C clients providing frictionless two-factor authentication β€” June 2020

    Microsft Azure Active Directory
  • FinTech Global listed TypingDNA under "The world's most innovative CyberTech100 companies that every financial institution needs to know about in 2020" β€” June 2020

  • COVID-19 is disrupting education, so we made our API free to support online learning β€” March 2020

  • Participated at the RSA Conference in San Francisco to spread the word about typing biometrics and catch up with the cyber tech industry β€” February 2020

  • Announced $7M Series A led by Gradient VC, Google's AI venture fund β€” January 2020

  • Announced expanded typing biometrics authentication for iOS, Android, and React Native at Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2019 β€” December 2019

  • EBA approves typing biometrics as an inherence element of strong customer authentication under PSD2 β€” June 2019

  • XTN partnered with TypingDNA to render better user experience in online banking β€” June 2019

  • Secured $1.5M in funding to expand globally β€” January 2019

  • Optimal IdM partnered with TypingDNA to extend multi-factor authentication offering β€” July 2018

  • Won product of the day on Product Hunt β€” March 2018

  • Launched the TypingDNA Authenticator, read more on TechCrunch β€” March 2018

  • Incorporated in the USA and joined Techstars NYC Winter'18 batch β€” February 2018

  • Selected as one of the top 50 innovative startups in Europe (EUTOP50) and pitched at the European Parliament Hemicycle β€” November 2017

  • TypingDNA joined International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) as members β€” July 2017