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About us

At TypingDNA, we authenticate people by how they type. Our mission is to improve security without compromising user convenience with our suite of Continuous Authentication and 2FA products. Our typing biometric technology, powered by AI, shines at being the most accessible authentication technology on the market. It works with any keyboard, on any device, runs passively behind the scenes, and begins identifying intruders with only one previous typing sample.


TypingDNA is a cybersecurity SaaS, with offices in 📍 New York, USA and 📍 Romania, EU. We use typing biometrics authentication as a service with 3 core security products: ActiveLock Continuous Authentication, Verify 2FA and Authentication API. And currently, we're exploring future use cases of this technology with TypingDNA Focus.


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High standards

We strive to innovate and contribute to the biometrics industry while driving efforts to achieve the highest standards for our clients.

TypingDNA fulfills high standards of information, and security management (ISO 27001), information security for cloud services (ISO 27017), and the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in line with the privacy principles (ISO 27018).

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Traditional banking is evolving, and our typing biometrics technology eases the path to compliant and secure authentication. The opinion of the European Banking Authority EBA specifically mentions keystroke dynamics as a compliant authentication element of the Strong Customer Authentication under PSD2.

Online learning is following the biometrics trend. The Department of Motor Vehicles in New York explicitly mentions keystroke dynamics as an identity validation method.

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TypingDNA has partnered with major players in various industries to provide frictionless authentication and excellent user experience to worldwide customers.

“The technology partnership with TypingDNA, an innovator in biometrics, is one more way that we are extending our commitment to creating superior, frictionless digital experiences for customers using WSO2’s CIAM solutions.“


Geethika Cooray, Vice President & General Manager
Identity and Access Management at WSO2

Frost & Sullivan identifies TypingDNA as a leader in
global Biometric Verification Solutions

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Multiple mentions in Gartner Research papers such as:

"Improve Customer Identity Corroboration With Passive Behavioral Biometrics"

“Innovation Insight for Biometric Authentication”

"You, Too, Can Start Enjoying the Benefits of Passwordless Authentication Today"

Gartner research mention November 2022

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