Strong authentication with typing biometrics

Reliable and cost-efficient biometric MFA needing
nothing more than a keyboard.

It's time to step up your security game.
Typing Biometrics deliver high security and great user-experience at unprecedented value.


multifactorHigh accuracy

Our proprietary AI-enabled technology delivers unprecedented accuracy of up to 99%, making typing biometrics MFA-worthy for the first time.

multifactorStrong against spoofing

Even with malicious intent, spoofing someone’s typing behaviour is nearly impossible as it is hard to record and even harder to play back.

multifactorPrivate and encrypted

What is typed is not recorded (only how it is typed is recorded) and the entire connection is protected by the latest encryption standards.


User experience

multifactorAccess anytime

Users can authenticate without searching for their phone or physical token. It is much harder to leave your typing behaviour behind.

multifactorAccess anywhere

Access away from home and physical tokens or on a plane with no network coverage for SMS but an internet connection. The only needed parties are the user and a keyboard.



multifactorNo hardware purchase and maintenance cost

Typing biometrics require no complex deployment scheme with hardware purchase, maintenance and replacement and scale immediately.

multifactorLow development and maintenance cost

Deployment is quick and easy, requiring much less development than proprietary mobile apps as software tokens.

multifactorEasy customer service

Maintaining a typing biometrics authentication solution is cost-efficient, as users don't ever forget or lose the authentication means, overwhelming your call-center.


How does it work?

Adaptive authentication

Analyze much more of the authentication context by using TypingDNA to check who is typing the username and password. Increase security with no impact on user experience!


Traditional 2FA

Add an independent factor to keep your authentications secure. Increase security for browser logins from any device with no hardware or maintenance cost.


Our cloud-based technology is available in API, so that you can easily integrate it in any IAM you currently use and fine-tune it to you custom needs.

Three steps to an authentication


When new users sign up for your service or turn on the 2FA, we record the typing pattern and build the user profile.


When they try to authenticate, we record the typing pattern again and match it to the user profile.


The right users are authenticated and can further interact with your service while you are confident in their identity.

MFA solutions overview

We'll help you find the best solution

A good MFA approach uses at least two of the following three factors: knowledge, ownership and inherence.

The elements selected must be independent, i.e. the breach of one does not compromise the other.

The main considerations for selecting an authentication method are security, impact on user experience and cost. Have a look at our comparison table to help you select the solution best suited for you.

Knowledge Ownership Inherence
Example Password,
Childhood Address
Physical Token,
Mobile Phone
Facial Recognition,
Typing Biometrics
Security multifactor multifactor multifactor
Cost multifactor multifactor multifactor
UX Impact multifactor multifactor multifactor

Select the best biometric for you

Biometric solutions are a great MFA alternative due to their increased security, but choosing the right biometric solution can be real a challenge. To help you out, we compiled a table that describes the most commonly used biometrics in MFA by means of some of the most important selection criteria.

Security takes into account the accuracy of the technology as well as the ease of bypassing it with malintent. User experience considers enrollment and verification ease in perfect conditions, as well as how much external factors can hinder usage (e.g. noisy background for voice recognition).

We also take into account the availability of hardware in the general population and how well suited the method is for a browser-based platform.

Facial Recognition Retina Scan Voice Recognition Fingerprint Typing Biometrics
Overall Security multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor
User Experience multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor
Hardware Availability multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor
Browser-Ready multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor multifactor

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