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Case study - OMNIASIG

Romanian Insurance company, recognized as the market leader in the B2B sector, meets compliance requirements to implement secure 2FA while offering frictionless access for licensed insurance professionals.

About OMNIASIG, part of Vienna Insurance Group

For more than 25 years, OMNIASIG, part of the Vienna Insurance Group, has served clients across Romania. The company offers a wide range of insurance services and is a recognized market leader in the B2B insurance sector.

OMNIASIG embraces the mission of digital transformation and supports innovative projects for the future. As such, protecting customers’ personal data and maintaining a high focus on security management, which includes insuring clients against risks while meeting compliance requirements.
Challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, secure and seamless access for licensed professionals was key in offering high-quality insurance services while meeting regulatory requirements.


As the insurer began accelerating its digital transformation efforts, they needed to solve a number of different challenges.

Meeting the regulatory requirements of the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority

OMNIASIG needed a scalable authentication solution that meets regulatory requirements of FSA's Rule no.4/2018, which mandates 2FA for authorized financial entities. OMNIASIG’s most significant challenge was to enhance the management of operational risks generated by information systems used by authorized, licensed, or registered entities.

Ease of use for licensed insurance brokers and agents

An easy-to-use authentication method for licensed insurance brokers was a core part of the digitization process that started in 2019. The introduction of a seamless, easy to adopt 2FA solution in an environment spreading across thousands of endpoints was key to achieving better security with a minimum onboarding process and hardware-free deployment.


Enhanced security and fraud prevention

In the quest to enhance customers' sensitive information protection and address the core cybersecurity challenge of keeping account takeovers at bay, OMNIASIG needed a versatile, easy-to-deploy solution. In 2020, data breaches led to over 36 billion identities stolen worldwide. The costs associated with account takeovers go beyond the initial losses, affecting the company's brand value and market share.

“For OMNIASIG, exploring the latest technologies available is part of our digitization process in which we aim to offer state of the art solutions for clients, employees, and partners. We chose to collaborate on the POC and endeavored to solve regulation requirements, user experience challenges, and authentication security with typing biometrics. The technology has exceeded our expectations regarding the ease of use and minimal friction during the authentication process, and we look forward to using TypingDNA's typing biometrics authentication solution over the coming years.” MIHAI TECAU, President of the Managing Board, OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group


After researching their options, OMNIASIG decided to work with TypingDNA to deploy typing biometrics as a two-factor authentication solution with > 100k authentications per month.


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