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2FA without a phone:
Just type 4 words!

Finally, a 2FA method that works without your phone.
Now available as OIDC (Okta, Ping clients). More

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TypingDNA allows users to verify their identity without having to whip out their phone.


Seamless 2FA authentication

Verify 2FA makes 2nd factor authentication available for anyone, anywhere. You don't need a phone, you don't need an extra device, or any extra sensor on your computer. It works with your keyboard right in your browser.

Once integrated with your IAM, Verify 2FA will make the authentication process much easier and faster for you, your workforce, and your end-users.

2FA solution in under 10 minutes

When we say “easy to integrate” we mean it. Verify 2FA can be set up in less than 10 minutes, which means you won’t need to tie up valuable dev resources. And best of all, your first 100 users are free with our Starter plan so you can see Verify 2FA in action!

Now available as OIDC
(Okta, Ping clients)

The OIDC integration allows Okta clients to add TypingDNA Verify 2FA as an IDP and Authenticator to Okta MFA. This makes it possible to use TypingDNA verification as a 2FA/MFA authentication method whenever your users log into your apps (find out more).

Why use TypingDNA authentication in my IAM?

  • TypingDNA is the most available 2FA solution, needs no extra device, sensor or browser permission to run. It works with any keyboard directly in the browser, through JavaScript.
  • TypingDNA is the most viable and cost effective alternative to phone-based 2FA.
  • If your workforce can't or won't use their personal phones for work purposes (including authentication).
  • If 2FA is mandatory in your company, for HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, CDP, and WFH standards compliance.
OIDC preview

Better alternative to SMS 2FA

Verify 2FA provides hassle-free authentication for your users. We’re using AI not only in the authentication technology, but also to select the best keyphrases for higher matching accuracy on much shorter texts.

When 2FA is required, your users will simply type the 4 words they see on-screen. If how they type matches how they typed when they first registered, they’ll be successfully signed-in in less than 5 seconds!

Brilliant, super responsive, I'd do it again

“TDNA as a technology speaks for itself. It's been a market differentiator. I think equally loud and impressive is how responsive they are and engaging with us.”

Frost & Sullivan identifies TypingDNA as a leader in
global Biometric Verification Solutions

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