Replace SMS 2FA codes with better UX: Just type 4 words!

The best companies obsess over UX, and need 2FA solutions that eliminate friction and reduce churn. Meet Verify 2FA, the better alternative to SMS 2FA!

TypingDNA allows users to verify their identity without having to whip out their phone.



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Seamless 2FA authentication

With cybercrime on the rise, two-factor authentication is a must. But should it be at the expense of user experience?

Verify 2FA — a better alternative to SMS OTP provides user-friendly security while delivering 2FA-level protection at the same time.

2FA solution in under 10 minutes

When we say “easy to integrate” we mean it. Verify 2FA can be set up in less than 10 minutes, which means you won’t need to tie up valuable dev resources. And best of all, your first 1,000 users are free with our Starter plan so you can see Verify 2FA in action!

Cut your SMS 2FA costs by 90%

With Verify 2FA, you’ll still send SMS codes from time to time, but only in 3 rare scenarios:

1) When the user first enrolls in our system, 2) If they fail authentication, or 3) If they choose to bypass verification. This keeps your SMS costs low, and your users happy.

Better alternative to SMS 2FA

Verify 2FA provides hassle-free authentication for your users. We’re using AI not only in the authentication technology, but also to select the best keyphrases for higher matching accuracy on much shorter texts.

When 2FA is required, your users will simply type the 4 words they see on-screen. If how they type matches how they typed when they first registered, they’ll be successfully signed-in in less than 5 seconds!

Brilliant, super responsive, I'd do it again

“TDNA as a technology speaks for itself. It's been a market differentiator. I think equally loud and impressive is how responsive they are and engaging with us.”



Authenticate 1,000 users for free

Take Verify 2FA for a spin with our risk-free Starter plan. No credit card required.

Only $0.01 per active user/month

Why pay up to 10x more for SMS OTP when you can pay just 1 cent/user/month? For high frequency authentications, you’ll save even more.


TypingDNA is a Techstars NYC company primarily backed by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI venture fund.

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