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Improv traffic school meets DMV requirements with TypingDNA

About Improv

Improv Traffic School was created by Interactive Education Concepts to provide driver’s training with a humorous and memorable twist. Their numerous online courses have been used by more than 3 million students, and they include everything from teen driver’s education to defensive driving. Improv’s curriculum has been approved by DMVs and courts nationwide. Drivers who take one of their courses every three years may also be eligible for insurance discounts.

Students of Improv Traffic School receive all of their legally mandated training online. In most states, a certificate of completion can be processed and ready for printing within 30 minutes. Each course was written by Hollywood writers who have a taste for comedy, which enables students to stay focused on the course materials.


The challenge

Because the courses are 100 percent online, it was easy for students to have someone else complete testing for them or to even share their login information with their friends. In order to be DMV approved, Improv Traffic School needed to meet certain biometric verification requirements. Therefore, the company’s goal was to offer a higher level of user authentication for their premium traffic school online content without hindering the performance of the website.

The solution to Improv’s account sharing issues

Typing biometrics technology offers Improv Traffic School a simple, unobtrusive way to satisfy DMV requirements. Unlike other account verification solutions such as voice and face recognition, typing biometrics doesn’t require browser permission or any special equipment. Instead, the user’s existing keyboard eliminates the issue of password sharing for testing purposes.

Additionally, typing biometrics is superior to SMS because it provides true user verification. Individuals with an SMS code can easily share this code and their password with friends. When a website is protected by typing biometrics instead, users can be recognized from any device via their typing behavior. This drastically reduces the risk of fraudulent testing or account sharing. It also enables users to access their course information from anywhere as long as they use the same natural typing style on different keyboards.

Setup time frame for new users

The process of setting up typing biometrics verification for each account is as fast as composing a tweet. Each new user simply types one short sample, and TypingDNA’s biometrics can determine whether or not the same person is accessing the account during all future logins.

Alternatively, a passive typing biometrics approach can be utilized that captures samples each time a user types anything on a page. This eliminates the need for an initial user sample, but it still offers protection by detecting any unusual changes in the user’s typing style that indicate someone else is using their account for testing.

TypingDNA provided exactly what Improv needed

Improv Traffic School wanted to work with an authentication process that could be utilized by people typing in any language. TypingDNA met this criteria by providing a platform that works with every language that can be typed on a keyboard.

The enrollment process for new users was also made as simple as possible. By typing only 160 to 200 characters the first time, a user’s typing biometrics can be accurately recorded. Future logins only require 90 characters to ensure the account isn’t being shared with an unauthorized user.

Improv’s integration and implementation experience

Improv Traffic School was pleased with the performance of the typing biometrics, and they also enjoyed working with a technical customer support team that quickly cleared up any implementation problems. The overall integration process was very smooth and simple thanks to TypingDNA’s unique typing biometrics and the well-known RESTful API approach.

TypingDNA typing biometrics solutions

Improv Traffic School now meets the DMV’s national requirements, and they also no longer need to worry about lost revenue due to password sharing. This same account sharing problem plagues online companies that offer everything from entertainment to education. Fortunately, TypingDNA makes it extremely simple to steer clear of these issues. To solve your account sharing woes, sign up for typing biometrics API today!

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