Case study - Sears Hometown
and Outlet Stores

Retail Chain Enables Typing Biometrics-Based MFA at Point-of-Sale for Store Clerks. Seamless two-factor authentication with typing biometrics to increase security without compromising employee productivity

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores (SHOS) sells retail consumer electronic products, home appliances, hardware, tools, and lawn and garden equipment. SHOS provides a full suite of services, including home delivery, installation, and product protection agreements. Today, more than 90% of its retail locations are operated by independent local dealers or franchisees.


  • Increased security at the point of scale (POS) login process.
  • Seamless non-intrusive authentication for clerks.
  • Uninterrupted productivity for employees.
  • No additional hardware costs.

“With the implementation of TypingDNA's behavioral biometrics solution, our users benefit from two-factor authentication while they type in their email and password to sign in. OptimalIdm has been a great partner helping us integrate TypingDNA's product so we can benefit from a higher degree of security while maintaining a great user experience!”


Phil Beaudoin
Head of Enterprise Technology and Support Services


Tailored solution

After researching their options, Sears ultimately decided to work with TypingDNA’s partner Optimal IdM to deploy typing biometrics as part of a multi-factor authentication solution. TypingDNA’s behavioral biometrics solution analyzes a person’s unique typing patterns and correlates device interaction data on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Optimal IdM integrated TypingDNA’s typing biometrics solution into the login process, providing extra security at the point of sale and keeping the user experience completely frictionless.The typing biometrics solution was gradually rolled out to dierent user groups that were created based on the organization’s structure. SHOS was able to evaluate the eectiveness and usability of the solution.

Once tested and approved, the typing biometrics-based MFA solution was rapidly implemented at all store locations.

Deployment of typing biometrics

Due to its flexible design, the deployment of the seamless MFA solution can be customized based on each client’s unique needs.

In this particular case, the typing authentication logic was added to the login screen. This is where the typing pattern is captured, the user and user group are confirmed, and the user is validated and authenticated. If the first attempt fails, the user is asked to attempt authentication again. This second attempt prevents a user from pasting a response and using a plugin that may pre-populate the desired fields.

Growth and impact

Overall, the solution has exceeded SHOS’s expectations by delivering the following benefits:


Increased security

with identity theft prevention and a minimized risk of fraud.



with multiple deployment scenarios, customizable to any organization’s needs.


Increased productivity

with zero system maintenance and related administrative tasks.



with 2FA requirements, such as EBA/PSD2, NIST, and PCI DSS.


Fast and scalable deployment

since TypingDNA’s authentication API is easy to integrate into existing systems.


No hardware costs

Additional hardware equipment costs are eliminated.



by avoiding unexpected administrative expenses and paying affordable and predictable fixed costs instead.


Better user experience

thanks to passive registration and authentication.


Industry - Retail






  • Increase POS security and avoid account fraud.
  • Utilize non-intrusive MFA for unaltered productivity.

TypingDNA deployment through Optimal IdM

  • Proven reliability and accuracy
  • Customizable deployment
  • Domain synchronization
  • Administrative functionality


  • Increased Security
  • Scalability
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Productivity
  • Affordability
  • Compliance
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