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Secure workforce 2FA that puts employee privacy first

Typing biometrics adds frictionless 2FA to your company portal without forcing workers to use their personal device for authentication. No extra cell phones, security fobs, or frustrating SMS codes required!

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Workers prove their identity by the way they type

Using typing biometrics, employees simply type a short phrase to authenticate their identity without having to whip out another device.

No extra work phones to carry

Your workers don’t want to carry a second phone just for work. And you certainly don’t want to invest in one.

No security fobs

Not only is this expensive and a hassle for both sides, but a fob is more likely to get lost or stolen with employees working remotely.

No authenticators or SMS codes

Your employees won’t need to install authenticator apps on their personal devices, or search through their phones for frustrating SMS codes.

Need to secure your enterprise devices?

Secure your workforce, reduce costs, and increase productivity with typing biometrics authentication.

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