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Protect your workforce with secure remote access

User-friendly authentication with typing biometrics

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Secure remote access
for the modern workforce

Typing biometrics-based authentication delivers unique advantages in the COVID-19 era and helps organizations overcome new remote workforce authentication challenges.


No hardware or costly tokens.


Easy to integrate. Easy to roll out.


Easily scales for high frequency authentication.

Wokforce authentication secure

Keep unauthorized users out of company equipment with ActiveLock

When employees and contractors work remotely you want to be sure only they have access to company equipment.

ActiveLock continuously verifies users by the way they type. If an unauthorized user’s typing pattern is detected, ActiveLock instantly locks the company desktop or laptop to protect your sensitive data.

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Less time signing-in.
More time working.

Bad user experience hurts employee productivity. With Verify 2FA, authentication is easy — so employees can spend more time focused on work, not signing INTO Work.

How does it work?

When a second-factor of authentication is needed during the sign-in process, employees/contractors simply type four words they see on-screen. If their typing pattern matches, they’ll be successfully authenticated in just 5 seconds!

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Secure your workforce, reduce costs, and increase productivity with typing biometrics authentication.