Remote-access security
with typing biometrics:
secure, scalable, and simple.

User-friendly typing biometrics authentication for large remote teams.

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Created for remote workforce authentication.

Typing biometrics-based authentication delivers unique advantages in the COVID-19 era and helps organizations overcome new remote workforce authentication challenges.

Our frictionless authentication solution can be integrated into any MFA flow, providing an extra layer of security, simple and rapid remote deployment, and out-of-the-box integration with major IAM solutions.

Secure remote workforce authentication solution with out-of-the-box IAM solutions

Establish trust in remote users and reduce ATO.

Easy to scale up based on your company’s growth capacities.

With a dynamic workforce employed remotely, our scalable solution enables you to adapt to the current pandemic necessities.

Remote smooth, three-step user enrollment and maintenance.

Easily enroll remote users by using our technology to collect tweet-long typing samples to verify and authenticate users.

Avoid the challenges of hardware tokens.

Eliminate the need to deploy and maintain costly hardware tokens while offering stealth security solutions for a distributed workforce.

Maintain security when employees work remotely using typing biometrics

Through 2021, enterprises that rapidly expand remote access without implementing MFA will experience five times as many ATO incidents as those that use MFA.

Enhance Remote Access Security With Multifactor Authentication and Access Management by Ant Allan, Michael Kelley, Rob Smith, Gartner

Go beyond a single point of vulnerability.

Avoid corporate leaks and data breaches.

80% of hacking-related breaches are tied to weak or reused passwords. This scenario can be avoided with multi-factor authentication, such as SMS OTP or typing biometrics.

Encourage responsibility with insider threat control.

Insider threats originating from within the organization involve misused access to sensitive information or privileged accounts, often compromising network security.

Secure data even on shared devices or accounts.

34% of U.S. employees share passwords or accounts with their coworkers for better collaboration, preventing organizations from understanding who can access what.

Security vulnerabilities of a remote workforce

Industries under strict regulation handling sensitive information

Secure remote working for Financial Services

Financial Services

Remote workforce auth for Insurance companies


Healthcare remote work authentication

Health care

Secure remote worker for BPOs


Securing remote Government workers


Fast, simple typing biometrics solution for secure remote workforce authentication

An alternative to costly, hard-to-deploy security solutions.

With a workforce geographically spread around the globe, corporate IT departments need identity and access solutions that are compatible with the realities of remote work.

Hardware tokens

Remote deployment and maintenance of hardware tokens can be costly and difficult to implement in the new pandemic reality.

SMS OTP/touch biometrics on smart devices

The lack of corporate devices can be a difficult challenge since up to 15% of North American employees are unwilling to use personal devices for work.

With the implementation of TypingDNA's behavioral biometrics solution, our users benefit from two-factor authentication while they type in their email and password to sign in. OptimalIDM has been a great partner helping us integrate TypingDNA's product so we can benefit from a higher degree of security while maintaining a great user experience!”

Phil Beaudoin - Head of Enterprise Technology and Support Services, Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores


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