Block unauthorized access to company computers using continuous endpoint authentication

TypingDNA ActiveLock continuously verifies users by the way they type. If an unauthorized typing pattern is detected, ActiveLock instantly locks the company desktop or laptop to protect sensitive data.

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What is Continuous Authentication?

Continuous Authentication is a security shift from the old model of “Periodic Authentication” where users were only authenticated once to access the network, to a “Zero Trust” model where users are continuously authenticated during their entire session on a company network or device.

With the increase in remote work, and company devices exposed, Continuous Authentication of endpoint devices is more important than ever.

Reduce risk without impacting the employee experience

Protect privacy and sensitive company data in real-time

Authenticate your workforce by the way they type

Thank you TypingDNA for letting me use ActiveLock, and for finally introducing me to a solid example of practical & useful machine learning in the cybersecurity space!

Johnny Wachter

Johnny Wachter

Global Incident Response Manager

Be confident only authorized users are accessing company devices with ActiveLock Continuous Endpoint Authentication

ActiveLock prevents device sharing, ensuring each person in front of the computer is the true authorized user.

So regardless if they decide to intentionally share their device, or if someone tries to use their computer without their knowledge — the result is the same. ActiveLock spots the intruder based on their typing pattern and takes instant action to lock the system or trigger a silent alert.

Device sharing isn’t always malicious.
But it’s always dangerous.

When employees and contractors work remotely you want to be sure only they have access to company equipment. While continuous endpoint authentication is built to prevent fraudulent device sharing, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the threat is as simple as innocently sharing the device with family members. ActiveLock ensures only authorized users interact with company computers.

When employees forget to log out, continuous endpoint authentication steps in

If a user steps away from their workstation without logging out or an unauthorized person tries to use it, ActiveLock will automatically lock the device.

Can you see what my employees type?

ActiveLock is designed to be privacy-focused. We analyze how users type, not what they type. This lets us provide strong authentication security, while protecting privacy.

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Protect sensitive company data and prevent compliance violations with TypingDNA ActiveLock Continuous Authentication.

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