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Student authentication with typing biometrics

Maintain the integrity of your assessments and protect the reputation of your institution. Give the right student credit for work based on how they type on the keyboard.

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How does it work?

Simple enrollment

During students' course enrollment, their typing pattern is recorded.

Frictionless verification

During assessments, a matching score between the new typing pattern and the previous samples is released.

Quick authentication

Instant flagging when the matching score released is above the predetermined risk threshold.

Built for a friendlier student experience


Attracts students being less invasive than facial or voice recognition.

Automated and frictionless

Eases the authentication of students and simplifies the course administration.

Quick user profiling

Only requires a short typing sample.


Customer stories

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Proper for MOOCs and universities

Reliable and accurate

Verifies typing behavior utilizing machine learning to generate accurate authentication.

Integrable and customizable

Integrates with existing LMS’s and includes customizable risk thresholds to suit security needs.

Versatile and cost-effective

Works with any keyboard, on desktops, smartphones, apps, and in the browser.

Compliant with regulations

Meets regulatory requirements for keystroke dynamics authentication.