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Prevent Device Sharing with TypingDNA ActiveLock

Block employees and contractors from sharing company devices with ActiveLock continuous endpoint authentication.

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Why is device sharing a threat to security?

With thousands of BPO agents now working remotely, company devices are no longer protected by the physical monitoring that existed when employees were working in-office.


Supervisors cannot simply walk the floor to monitor agents


Camera monitoring and facial recognition is too intrusive

So when your workforce is out of sight, how do you ensure that only authorized users are accessing company computers and your data is kept safe?

How does ActiveLock prevent device sharing?

ActiveLock continuously authenticates your workforce in real-time by the way they type. If a company device is shared and an unauthorized user is detected, ActiveLock will take instant action to lock the device or send a silent alert.

Who is this solution ideal for?


BPO vendors


Employees & contractors working remotely

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Block remote workers from sharing company devices with TypingDNA ActiveLock