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Track your mood and improve productivity based on how you type

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Privacy above all else

Running in the background, our AI analyzes your typing pattern right on your device, so your data never leaves your computer. TypingDNA Focus will see how you type, not what you type.

Get more out of each day

With the mood tracker dashboard, you’ll know when you’re most focused throughout the week, better plan your daily activities, and improve your productivity.

Start with three moods

Get started with three free moods (Focused, Stressed, Tired). Unlock 3 more by sharing TypingDNA Focus with 3 friends or participating in our Public Research project.

Build the future. Get rewarded.

When you participate in Public Research, you’ll help make mood tracking even more accurate in the Focus app — benefiting you and the future of this breakthrough technology.

Once you type 500 words in the Public Research project, we’ll give you 3 extra moods for free. Win win!

Happiness mood tracker app


Focus mood tracker app


Feeling energetic mood tracking app


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🚀 Devs can now build apps on top of Focus! Trigger custom actions based on mood. Contact us for details

Frequently asked questions

We take your privacy very seriously. TypingDNA Focus will see how you type, not what you type. Running in the background, our AI-based technology analyzes your typing patterns right on your device, so your typing data never leaves your computer or gets stored in the cloud.