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Track your mood and improve productivity based on how you type

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Focus relies on typing biometrics proprietary technology and records how you type so you can discover when you’re most focused, tired, or stressed. Plus, you’ll unlock even more moods to track when you invite 3 friends or join our public research.


Insights based on your typing behavior will include weekly trends, daily activity breakdown, focus levels, and immediate analysis of your mood.


Use the data provided to know when you’re most focused, better plan your daily activities, and improve your productivity.

Let’s build the future of Focus, together

When you participate in our Public Research program, every word you type helps make the Focus app more accurate — benefiting you, the community, and the future of this technology.

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Download the Focus app today. To unlock extra moods and insights, invite 3 friends or participate in Public Research to make Focus even more accurate for all users.

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We’re working hard to roll out access to Windows and other platforms. Sign up for our waitlist to be notified when Focus is available, or get in front of the line when you participate in our Public Research program.

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Frequently asked questions

We take your privacy very seriously. TypingDNA Focus will see how you type, not what you type. Running in the background, our AI-based technology analyzes your typing patterns right on your device, so your typing data never leaves your computer or gets stored in the cloud.