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Discover solutions that are either built using our typing biometrics technology, or are integrated with it.

TypingDNAUser authentication
ForgeRock Identity Platform logo
ForgeRock Identity Platform
User-friendly and secure customer and workforce authentication experiences. Save time by using TypingDNA’s nodes directly through ForgeRock’s interface.
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PartnerUser authentication
wso2 logo
WSO2 Identity Platform
WSO2 customers can authenticate internal and external users with typing biometrics — adding a layer of adaptive risk-based authentication & passive MFA.
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PartnerUser authentication
Optimal IdM for MFA logo
Multi-Factor Authentication & Identity Data
Optimal IdM partners with clients to provide comprehensive, fully customisable enterprise level solutions that meet the specific security and scalability needs of their organisations.
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PartnerUser authentication
Azure Active Directory B2C logo
Azure AD B2C
Create seamless two-factor authentication (2FA) and risk-based authentication (RBA) workflows with typing biometrics for your Microsoft Azure AD B2C account.
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CommunityElectronic signature
Typdf logo
Sign docs with your typing pattern! The signature is stored in the document’s metadata & a QR code. Verification can be done on the pdf, or even an image, thus taking digital signatures offline.
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PartnerFraud prevention
Signifyd logo
Signifyd Seamless SCA
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) has become a key piece of the EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) required by merchants.
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PartnerEmail security
GreatHorn logo
GreatHorn ATO
GreatHorn Account Takeover Protection provides a low-friction, secondary layer of authentication that’s easy to implement, difficult to bypass, and minimally disruptive for employees.
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PartnerOnline proctoring
Smarter Services for student authentication logo
User authentication system that uses typing biometric and facial recognition technology to validate a student’s identity and document attendance.
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PartnerOnline proctoring
Tremend logo
This complete system detects, prevents, and deters any possible form of dishonesty during remote exams. It integrates with the Moodle app.
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TypingDNATwo-factor authentication
Frictionless authentication built with TypingDNA
TypingDNA Authenticator
Google Chrome extension that provides 2-step verification codes, secured by the way you type. No need to use your smartphone to authenticate.
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CommunityDocument protection
Embed and share logo
Embed and Share
With Embed&Share you can embed TypingDNA patterns into your files secured with RSA encryption, SHA512 verification and additional password protection layer for ensuring the integrity of the documents.
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CommunityFraud prevention
Medicbot logo to detect doctor impersonation with typing biometrics
Virtual assistants intended to help doctors during the process of generating medical reports and prescriptions through a 100% paper-less, digital experience.
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PartnerOnline proctoring
Student verification with I-Check logo
I-Check Student Verification
CPaT Global, partnered with TypingDNA, provides a revolutionary identity verification solution, I-Check. Leveraging results from TypingDNA , IP and additional security checks, I-Check provides a holistic I-Check score.
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CommunityTwo-factor authentication
TypingDNA 2FA for iOS
2FA for iOS
The TypingDNA Authentication API allows you as a developer to easily add authentication to your iOS application, without having to worry about storing encrypted passwords, making it easier for you to focus on building your app.
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