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How does typing biometrics authentication work?

Learn typing patterns

TypingDNA records typing biometrics data, also known as keystroke dynamics. The data consists of timings and durations of various key press events. Every new user enrolls typing patterns to store a baseline of their typing behavior.

Match typing patterns

Once a user is enrolled, new typing patterns are collected and analyzed by our engine to verify a user’s identity with typing biometrics.

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Use TypingDNA for

Seamless customer experience icon

Seamless customer experience

Typing biometrics is often used for 2FA to authenticate customers/end-users. But why do people love it? Hassle-free user experiences.

Your users won’t need to install anything on their computers, or search through their phones for SMS codes.
They’ll simply… type.

Recommended 3rd party integrations:

Workforce authentication icon


Say goodbye to lost tokens, authenticators or those annoying SMS codes, and say hello to seamless employee experiences without compromising security.

When employees type their login credentials, TypingDNA is used as a second factor of authentication to verify their identity. A smoother sign-on, secure authentication.

Recommended 3rd party integrations:

Proctoring icon

Honest students | Easier proctoring

Remote learning is here to stay. But in a virtual world, how do you prevent cheating on exams?

With the backlash against facial biometrics, TypingDNA is the privacy-friendly, accurate keystroke dynamics authentication solution that students expect.


Recommended 3rd party integrations:

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For developers, by developers

Without developers we can’t succeed. And we thank each of you for your support. Every line of code is thoughtfully built with the dev community in mind, knowing that you’re innovative problem solvers who will help us take typing biometrics to a level the world has never dreamed of.

We’re amazed to see what you’ve built on top of our APIs so far, and we’re committed to supporting you each day with unlimited free developer plans, open source code, easy integrations, and learning from your feedback to make our tech even stronger.

Get ready, there’s so much more to come!


Raul Popa


TypingDNA allows users to verify their identity without having to whip out their phone.


User experience, at the core

UX makes all the difference. Apple, Uber, Google, Airbnb — what do they have in common? Incredible user experiences.

The best product managers obsess over UX, and need solutions that eliminate friction, raise conversions, and reduce churn. That’s where TypingDNA comes in! With typing biometrics, you’ll improve the experience of your users, without compromising security.

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