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Recognize people
by the way they type

AI-based authentication and fraud detection

2FA without a phone: Just type 4 words!

  • Works with your IAM

  • No need for a phone, extra device, or browser permission

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Continuous Endpoint Authentication

  • Prevent unauthorized use
    of company computers

  • Real-time monitoring

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Frost & Sullivan identifies TypingDNA as a leader in
global Biometric Verification Solutions

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Keep unauthorized users out of company computers with ActiveLock


By continuously authenticating your workers’ identities by the way they type on their devices, ActiveLock mitigates threats that arise with remote work such as fraud, device sharing, and unattended devices — giving you peace of mind that only trusted users are accessing your company’s computers.

And with real-time monitoring reports, you’ll keep track of incidents as they occur, so you can stay on top of your company’s security.

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