Recognize people by the way they type

Typing biometrics auth API - keystroke dynamics as a service

We develop AI-based behavioral biometrics solutions that use
typing behavior to identify a person without additional friction.


How does typing biometrics authentication work?

Learn typing patterns

TypingDNA records keystroke dynamics statistics about pressed keys of a user and turns them into typing patterns.

Match typing patterns

Our API engine analyses and verifies the recorded typing patterns/keystroke patterns against previous patterns from the real owner.

Who uses TypingDNA?

Automate your proctoring

Imagine not having to worry if the actual learner is getting the certificate. Verify their identity in a non-invasive way.

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Financial services
Simple way solving both regulations and revenue loss

Solve regulations like PSD2 or New York DFS and prevent fraudulent behavior. One solution to solve them both.

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Multi-factor authentication
Trending approach to deal with old-fashioned identification

No need for extra frictinodemon to ensure authenticity. Existing typing behavior delivers high security and great user-experience at an unprecedented value.

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Our solution

Typing biometrics authentication API

Your application can be secured with typing biometrics through our API. Any developer can start using it.

Via the API, you can perform a match between typing patterns in your application.

A true/false match response will be returned instantly. The recordings of the typing patterns are done by the JavaScript class included in the TypingDNA SDK.

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Start integrating for free. SDK, API access, and reporting available.

Developer first, easy to integrate

It's our purpose to make the integration process extremely simple, thereby enabling developers to boost
the security of their sites without any hassles. With TypingDNA, it's easy and quick to add two person
typing pattern analysis to verify the authenticity of each user's login.

    // Node.js
    // Your TypingDNA credentials
    var apiKey = '{apiKey}';
    var apiSecret = '{apiSecret}';
    // A string of your choice that identifies the saved user
    var id = '{id}';
    var data = {
        // Compare a new typing pattern with previously saved typing pattern of the saved user
        // tp is recorded with the TypingDNA JavaScript class
        tp : '{tp}',

9// JSON Response
  // Success Response
  "message": "Done",
  // A value of 0 (false match) or 1 (true match)
  "result": 1,
  // Accuracy score (0 to 100) of the typing pattern verification
  "score": 100

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Quick setup your account and use the API. Pay for what you use, and scale up on desired demand.
No contract and no sign-up fees required.

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Biometrics associations

As members of IBIA and EAB, we are proud of being part in influencing legislation, regulation, and
end-user oriented privacy in behavioral biometrics technology.

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