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WSO2 adaptive authentication powered by TypingDNA

WSO2 adaptive authentication powered by TypingDNA typing biometrics enables companies to validate the identities of their workforce and customers without the need to whip out their phones for every login.

What is typing biometrics?

Typing biometrics looks at a user’s behavior when they type on their keyboards and analyzes patterns in their behavior. After a user's typing pattern is enrolled, the technology can passively authenticate their identity to ensure that only authorized users have access to corporate data.

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What is the TypingDNA-WSO2 integration about?

Besides authenticating your customers to ensure the security of their accounts, workforce authentication has become increasingly relevant in coping with today’s advancing cyber threats and remote work trends.

But authenticating employees or customers by sending OTP codes to their mobile phones adds friction to the identity verification process. With typing biometrics, employees and customers alike are seamlessly authenticated by the way they type without having to use their mobile phones.

Workforce adaptive authentication with typing biometrics in 2 steps:

The employee types their username and password and is directly securely authenticated to log into the company apps through the WSO2 identity platform. In this case, because typing biometrics authentication worked in the background and recognized the user as being who they claimed to be, there is no need for additional authentication.

The second factor of authentication, such as SMS OTP, would only be needed if the employee's typing biometrics authentication failed during login.

Seamless consumer authentication with typing biometrics

WSO2 clients can also deploy adaptive authentication with typing biometrics for their customer authentication scenarios, such as logging in to their bank accounts, social media, or other apps.

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Adaptive authentication powered by TypingDNA

Discover the power of seamless and user-friendly security with WSO2-TypingDNA adaptive authentication integration. Download our data brochure to learn how to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction while cutting security costs.

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Stay tuned

Stay tuned for the future update of the WSO2-TypingDNA integration, which will enable WSO2 clients to add typing biometrics authentication interactively: by having employees, or customers type a short phrase or a few words in order to be authenticated.

We are excited to team with TypingDNA to provide an intuitive option for authenticating internal and external users with typing biometrics

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Benefits of adaptive authentication with typing biometrics:

  • Reduce account sharing

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Seamless login UX

  • Cut SMS OTP costs

  • No personal phones needed