Authenticate (verify) with typing pattern using Postman

If you have previously saved a typing pattern for a user, you can now authenticate by using the “verify” TypingDNA API service. See down below how to authenticate a user with a typing pattern.

Import the TypingDNA Postman collection

Need help? Follow step 1-2 from this tutorial.

1. Click the Collections tab, then click the TypingDNA Authentication API collection.


2. Click the Verify typing pattern API service from the collection.


3. Click the Body tab.


4. Change the value of the id parameter (a string that identifies the user, min 6. chars). We used testuser for the purpose of this demo.


Note: In order to authenticate, the user has to have a previously saved typing pattern.

5. Add a recorded typing pattern in the tp parameter. You can use this typing pattern as an example:


Hint: Typing patterns are outputted by the TypingDNA JavaScript recorder on your front-end application. Use this type-to-output tool to easily get typing patterns.


6. Click the Send button to make the API call. Now you should get a successful API reply.


Reminder: To authenticate/verify a typing pattern, you have to previously save a typing pattern for the same user.

Congratulations. You have successfully managed to authenticate a typing pattern.
To learn more, visit the API documentation page.

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