Help us secure the world with typing biometrics

TypingDNA is one of the very few Romanian companies where bright individuals can flourish and innovate. We’re also one of the few companies leading the change in behavioral biometric based security. We’re already being recognized globally and we’ve raised investment from investors like Gecad Ventures.

Available positions

Junior Web Developer (Oradea, Romania)

We’re looking for a bright and talented (junior) web developer (full-stack preferably) with at least 2 years of background in programming web pages. You will be required to work mostly in HTML and JavaScript (including node.js) with NOSQL databases such as MongoDB, but a broader knowledge of programming languages and tools is much appreciated. Since we’re an AI focused business, any machine learning experience and knowledge is considered a plus. We also work with Java, Python, C#, C++, Swift, PHP, MySQL, Redis, DocumentDB. Any knowledge in above fields is considered a plus.

Junior Data Scientist (Oradea, Romania)

We’re looking for a bright and talented junior data scientist with experience in machine learning. If your experience as a data scientist is minimal you can still apply if you are a full-stack programmer with very good math and statistics skills. General machine learning knowledge is required. Particular machine learning knowledge in fields like pattern recognition and anomaly detection is considered a plus.

If you would like to join us, drop us an e-mail at careers@