Validate student identity

Imagine not having to worry if the real student is getting your certificate.
Recognize online students by the way they type.

How does it work?


During student enrollment, we record the typing pattern for one short sentence.


During course or examination, new typing samples are recorded and matched against the enrolled pattern.


We instantly tell you if students are who they claim to be.

Some of the Learning Management Systems we support

Peace of mind for MOOCs & Universities

Reliable authentication

Accurate authentication with our proprietary AI engine.


Automated and real-time student identification.


One student? All good.
One million students? Still OK!


Only how, not what, is typed is used for identification.

Friction-less student experience


Less invasive than face or voice recognition

Existing hardware

A keyboard is all we need. No HD webcam and no microphone


Poor internet connection is not a problem. We only need a few KB.


No browser permissions or software installations needed.

Free of charge

TypingDNA offers free service for
educational projects that don't
charge the learner.

Secure data

Servers are located in Europe and are EU data-protection compliant.

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