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Remote workforce security, authenticate your employees with typing biometrics


Aaron Curtis

Account Executive, TypingDNA


Adrian Poaca

Customer Success Manager, TypingDNA


Alan Goode

Chief Analyst at Goode Intelligence Chairperson at International Biometric Forum

About this webinar

Recent global events are driving up numbers of remote workers. Organizations face challenges in the work from-anywhere-world we live in today to secure corporate systems. In this webinar, we will look at the use of typing biometrics to secure remote access to on-premises and cloud applications.

At TypingDNA we are obsessed with passive authentication and typing biometrics. Our goal is to improve security without compromising user experience. Our advanced technology shines at being the most available online biometric technology - it works with any keyboard, on any device and works passively behind the scenes.

TypingDNA captures unique user digital behavior allowing our AI-powered technology to securely authenticate trusted users.

Through 2021, enterprises that rapidly expand remote access without implementing MFA will experience five times as many ATO incidents as those that use MFA.


In this webinar participants will learn about:

Remote workforce authentication alternatives and limitations

Advantages of typing biometrics-based authentication

Real world examples of how typing biometrics are used for workforce authentication