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TypingDNA allows users to verify their identity without having to whip out their phone.


User experience at core

The biggest disrupter of our time is UX. Whether we’re talking about companies like Google, Uber, Airbnb, Apple, the better user experience always made the company win over traditional solutions.

At TypingDNA, our main focus is to solve user authentication by minimizing user effort and friction while producing a visible sense of protection.

Keep SMS costs low

You’re still going to be sending SMS codes even after starting with TypingDNA Verify, but we only send SMS codes when the users enroll into the system, if they fail to verify, or if you bypass our verification. This will keep SMS costs low, at an estimated 10%, or lower.

SMS codes as Root of Trust (RoT), NOT de facto authentication

SMS codes are annoying, we all agree. But, experts agree it’s the best “no-app-needed”, “no-enroll-needed” method out there. However, there is a big difference in brutally using it a hundred times a year to authenticate a particular person, or only use it once or twice as a smart RoT.

State of art authentication engine

TypingDNA Verify uses our proprietary typing biometrics authentication technology coupled with keyphrases of high complexity regarding the number of different characters, the way they are dispersed throughout the keyboard layout, the vertical and horizontal travel, etc.

We’re using AI not only in the authentication technology, but also to select best keyphrases which enables higher matching accuracy on much shorter texts.


Get Verify free for the first year,
no strings attached.

You can integrate and use TypingDNA Verify completely free for a full year, limited to maximum 100,000 end users. You don’t even have to continue afterwards.

Only $0.01
per active user/mo.

In most cases you’ll pay 10-20 times more for 1 single authentication with an SMS code. We want to change this forever. If you have high frequency user authentications, your costs will reduce much more.

Want to learn more about how we’ll reduce your costs?

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TypingDNA is a Techstars NYC company primarily backed by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI venture fund.

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