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We are sorry to announce you that the typing profile test is currently disabled.
We might republish it in the future with new improvements in place.

Typing profile test

Find out what your typing says about you (experimental).

What is this test?

The typing profile test is a test developed by TypingDNA that lets you find out about you by the way you type on your keyboard (typing pattern). It uses a scientific approach using AI and statistics.

After you type (random text and generated text), you get a prediction (soft biometrics traits) about your gender, age, IQ, race, openness, and Jungian/4 letter (personality profile).


An example of a typing profile result that used to be outputted.

Can I try this out right now?

We are sorry, but you can’t take the test anymore. A lot of folks have tried it out and had fun with, but we pulled the plug. The typing profile test is under development and might be available again in the future.

TypingDNA is currently focused on providing a typing biometrics authentication solution for its customers. With this solution, we recognize people by the way they type and use that to reduce fraudulent authentication activity. You can check a few demos of our typing biometrics solution. Also, get our free Authenticator Chrome extension which lets you access your 2FA codes without popping out your phone, but still have protection with your typing biometrics.


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