Authenticate users without compromising UX

With cybercrime on the rise, Product Managers have to make a difficult choice: more security or better UX. With TypingDNA, you don’t have to compromise.

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Seamless 2FA user authentication

When a second-factor of authentication is needed, your end-users simply have to type the 4 words they see on-screen. If how they type matches how they typed when they first registered, they’ll be successfully authenticated in less than 5 seconds!


Quick authentication for both consumers and employees


Less friction on login for users = Less churn


Scale your user base while maintaining security & compliance

Less than 10 minutes to integrate

Simple integration means you won’t need to tie up valuable dev resources. Get set up in less than 10 minutes. But, if you do need assistance, our Customer Success Managers are always on-call to answer any questions.

Authentication with no friction

“Integration with the API was very straightforward. Support was excellent and the results are exactly what we needed for our website.”

Cut your SMS OTP cost by 90%

Not only does TypingDNA provide smoother user authentication and a simpler integration — but we’re also a smarter option when it comes to cost.

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Improve your customer authentication experience with a UX-friendly alternative to SMS OTP!