Seamless and secure authentication

Organizations at the forefront of innovation have a duty of moral leadership. Complying with regulation and established standards is a good start, but it is not enough. At TypingDNA, we are committed to leading the path when it comes to privacy and security in the context of behavioral biometrics.

Raul Popa - Co-founder - CEO Raul Popa, Data scientist
co-founder & CEO of TypingDNA

High standards

We strive to innovate and contribute to the biometrics industry while driving efforts to achieve the highest standards for our clients.

TypingDNA fulfills high standards of information, and security management (ISO 27001), information security for cloud services (ISO 27017), and the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in line with the privacy principles (ISO 27018).

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Traditional banking is evolving, and our typing biometrics technology eases the path to compliant and secure authentication. The opinion of the European Banking Authority EBA specifically mentions keystroke dynamics as a compliant authentication element of the Strong Customer Authentication under PSD2.

Online learning is following the biometrics trend. The Department of Motor Vehicles in New York explicitly mentions keystroke dynamics as an identity validation method.

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TypingDNA’s products are used worldwide by companies from various industries such as leaders in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance field, E-Learning platforms as well as cybersecurity companies.

Among our clients, we list a prime bank in Latin America, the top commercial bank in Romania, and other online challenger banks across Europe as well as digital SaaS businesses and global retailers.


Brilliant, super responsive, I'd do it again

“TDNA as a technology speaks for itself. It's been a market differentiator. I think equally loud and impressive is how responsive they are and engaging with us.”


TypingDNA has partnered with major players in various industries to provide frictionless authentication and excellent user experience to worldwide customers.

OptimalIDM, a global provider of Identity and Access Management solutions, is TypingDNA’s partner aiming to cover the North American requests for typing biometrics in their multi-factor authentication (MFA) offerings.

XTN Cognitive Security, an award-winning cybersecurity company, has partnered with TypingDNA to help banking organizations defend against increasingly sophisticated fraud threats.

ProctorU (USA), one of the largest online proctoring companies, has successfully used TypingDNA to prevent student exam cheating for over 1,000 institutions and administered over 2 million exams worldwide.

Elrond, a novel blockchain architecture, partnered with TypingDNA to integrate behavioral biometrics into the blockchain platform to improve security and remove friction for the users.


Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Access Management report recognizes TypingDNA’s contribution to the behavioral biometric authentication portfolio of OptimalIdM.

Kupingercole's IDaaS Access Management report mentions about OptimalIDM that the “Integration of TypingDNA adds strong behavioural authentication capabilities".


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