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Mitigate bots from signing into user accounts on your website

Malicious bots threaten website security and cost you money.
Block bots from fraudulently signing into user accounts on your website with Verify 2FA two-factor authentication.

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65% of people reuse the same password across different websites

As a result, when these usernames and passwords are stolen from one website, they're frequently reused to access user accounts on other websites. A popular bot-attack called "credential stuffing".

Bots use credential stuffing to jeopardize your website security

Once attackers gain access to existing accounts on your website with compromised user credentials, they can steal sensitive data, perform account takeovers, and obtain personally identifiable information—such as credit card numbers to commit fraud.

But with TypingDNA Verify 2FA enabled for all user accounts across your website, bots will be unable to reuse leaked username/passwords to fraudulently sign in to your users accounts — even if their password has been compromised.

Why are fake bot accounts a threat to your business?

How does Verify 2FA mitigate bots and credential stuffing attacks?

Verify 2FA distinguishes between a legitimate user and a fraudulent sign-in by analyzing the user’s typing pattern when their account was first registered — and then matching that same typing pattern against all future sign-ins.

Because bots can’t easily replicate the way a particular user types, Verify 2FA effectively stops bots from fraudulently signing into existing accounts on your website — ensuring only authorized users have access to their online accounts.

How does Verify 2FA prevent bots from creating fake accounts?

Security & convenience

TypingDNA’s typing biometrics technology maximizes security by blocking fraudulent bot sign-ins, while keeping the authentication process convenient for your users.

When a second-factor of authentication is needed, your users simply have to type 4 words they see on-screen. If how they type matches how they typed when they first registered, they’ll be successfully authenticated in just 5 seconds!


Mitigate bot credential stuffing attacks


Quick authentication for website users


Less friction on login for users = Less churn, more revenue

Mitigate bots and credential stuffing attacks to reduce fraud and security vulnerabilities.

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