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Prevent Account Sharing with TypingDNA Verify 2FA

Prevent account sharing to reduce fraud, maximize revenue, and protect your company from security threats with our Verify 2FA solution.

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Why is account sharing a threat to your business?

Lost revenue

Would you like to make 5 sales or 25 sales? Account sharing costs you money. Prevent one person from buying a license and sharing it with their peers.

Security risk

Your online security is only as strong as your weakest link. And when sensitive info like usernames and passwords are floating around, it’s a threat to your entire organization.

How does TypingDNA prevent account sharing?

With TypingDNA Verify 2FA, even if your users share their username and password, they won't be able to share their typing pattern, or “how they type”. And just like that, you’ve eliminated account sharing.

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