About us

At TypingDNA we are obsessed with passive authentication and typing biometrics. Our mission is to improve security without compromising user experience. We started research in 2014 and launched publicly in late 2016. Our technology really shines at being the most available online biometric technology - it works with any keyboard, on any device, works passively behind the scenes, and doesn’t need more than one previous sample to start working. We provide typing biometrics authentication as a service, an API that anyone can use for 2FA and fraud prevention use cases. We are present in New York, USA and Romania, EU.

Meet the team


Raul Popa

CEO, Data scientist, co-founder


Cristian Tamas

CMO, co-founder


Tudor Goicea

Business development


Stefan Endres



Flavia Sana

Web designer

Company timeline

Media kit

Resources available: logo, product images, press releases.
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