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Finally a better alternative to SMS auth. and online biometric authentication. Globally available, highly affordable, and easy to integrate for MFA/2FA. Used for securing login, enforcing reset passwords, and identifying people based on typing behavior.

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  • 1,000 auth. requests
  • No extra auth. requests
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  • Up to 1,000 users
  • Email tech support
  • Limited API functions
  • Cloud only
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  • Over 1,000 auth. requests
  • Unlimited users
  • Email & phone support
  • Full API functions
  • Cloud or on-premises
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Early stage startups and non-profit organizations get TypingDNA for free.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. For larger amounts, we accept money wire transfers too. Contact us to enable money wire transfers or for invoicing.

Is this a monthly based paid subscription?


What happens after my credit/auth. requests are exhausted?

Once you use your included authentication requests, there will be additional API requests available which will be billed at the end of each month. Additional auth. requests are priced at your pack auth. price.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are ready to discuss volume discounts and discounts for open source, non-commercial, free, early stage startups, education, government and other types of users. Use our contact form to get in touch.

Why is typing biometrics auth better than SMS (shortcode) auth?

It doesn’t require the user to switch devices, it’s more affordable, globally available and it’s harder to hack (as SMS is sent through clear text and can be hijacked). The level of accuracy for typing biometrics auth can reach a FAR as low as 1%. That makes typing biometrics auth suitable for 2FA/MFA but we don’t recommend it as a single factor for authentication (true for SMS auth too).

For how long can I use the free plan?

For as long as you want. You have 1,000 auth. requests and up to 1,000 users available. We recommend you to start with that and switch to premium when you scale.

Do you support free for non-commercial projects?

Yes. We are looking forward to getting in contact with you to hear more about your project and discuss how we can help. Use our contact form to get in touch.

What happens when the API fails to recognize the person who types?

There are three cases where this can happen: the person has a major hand injury, the person has difficulties concentrating, or the person uses a very different keyboard. By using longer texts, or setting up a dual pass (like the one in our demo) our solution is still able to recognize the person. If the second pass fails, we recommend trying an alternative 2FA method.

Why is typing biometrics better than voice, face, or fingerprint recognition?

Typing biometrics auth. only requires a keyboard and it doesn’t ask for additional privileges when running inside the browser. Voice and face recognition both need special privileges to record from mic and camera. On the other hand, voice and face recognition are easier to hack. Fingerprint recognition also requires a fingerprint reader and can’t be used in the browser without a special plugin.

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